Possession of papers

Possession of papers #

Securities provide Golden Clone players with the opportunity to invest in various clone land businesses and institutions, receiving daily dividends as rewards.

Securities allow your clone, from Artisan status and above, to acquire shares in the income of various enterprises and institutions of the clone land. By investing in these securities, you get the right to share in the profits and receive daily dividends.

Securities have a limited validity period of 5 years from the date of their purchase at a securities auction. After this period, the papers are disposed of and can be re-issued by the state.

In order to start receiving dividends, your account must have a sufficient number of safes. Safes are special storage facilities in which your securities are stored. They are installed free of charge by the state in houses, settlements and principalities according to their level of development.

You can purchase securities at a securities auction organized by the state. The securities you have can be sold on the stock exchange in the trading guild. Clones with the status “peasant” and higher can trade on the stock exchange. Securities purchased at the auction are credited to your account within 5 minutes.

Important! Dividends are NOT accrued on securities offered for sale on the stock exchange or reserved in orders for placement. Accrual will resume as soon as the security is sold or withdrawn from sale (or the order is cancelled).

Where and how to purchase securities #

You can purchase securities at a securities auction held by the state of the land of clones. The purchase of securities can be carried out by clones of the social status “artisan” and above. This means that players who have reached Artisan status and above have access to invest in and receive dividends from various businesses and institutions in the clone world. Participation in a securities auction provides players with the opportunity to invest in various types of securities and receive passive income from these investments.

Securities auction #

In a securities auction, trading begins with the face value, and players determine the final price. The rules for conducting auctions can be found in the “Trade Rules” section (“Trade” → “Auctions” → “Securities” → “Trade Rules”). Purchasing paper at auction entitles you to a share of the profits from the relevant business or institution.

Issues of securities #

Securities are issued (issued) by the state of the land of clones.

An additional issue, that is, the release of an additional batch of securities, is possible (but not required) if the volume of dividends paid on this type of securities exceeds 40%. The state always warns its residents about future emissions in advance by publishing gaming news. At the appointed time, the issued securities go to the securities auction, where residents can purchase them.

Calculation of dividends #

Once you purchase a security and have safe deposits in your account, you will begin receiving daily dividends. Dividends are accrued on securities located in your safes.

Dividends are part of the profits of enterprises, distributed among the owners of the corresponding type of securities in proportion to their number.

Every day, a fund of securities of each type is accumulated, and at the beginning of the next day, dividends are paid from this fund.

Dividends per 1 security are calculated using the formula:

\(D = S/A\)

The following variables are used in the above formula:

\(D\)amount of dividends per 1 security
\(S\)number of gold coins in a fund of a given type of securities
\(A\)the total quantity of all securities of a given type (including those at a securities auction)

Purchased securities are automatically distributed among the safes available on the account. Dividends on securities are received daily into the treasury of houses, settlements and principalities that are on the account. Within 24 hours from the moment of accrual, the treasury may be subject to raids by robbers. The player’s task is to ensure the safety of the treasury by hiring guards or developing social policies (in this case there will be no attacks).

Securities that are at auction (not yet purchased by players) are entered into the general register of securities of the land of clones and participate in the calculation of dividends. If the security is not purchased from the auction within 24 hours, the dividends accrued on it go back to the state fund.

Securities provide players with the opportunity to invest their funds, receive passive income and develop their financial potential in the world of clones. Managing papers and using safes will allow you to get the most out of this financial mechanics of the game.