Active Players Fund

Active Players Fund #

The active players fund in the game is a mechanism for encouraging and supporting players who have achieved high results in the development of their accounts. This fund is formed from various sources of income and is paid weekly. Let’s figure out how it works.

Sources of fund formation:

  • state deductions from its profits;
  • one-time payments from profits from the sale of agricultural products on real clone land;
  • 5% of profits from tourism activities in the real land of clones;
  • 3% from the trade guild profit fund;
  • 10% from the fair’s profit fund;
  • 35% of state income from the clone auction;
  • 25% of the state tax on rental properties;
  • 50% of the social fund.

Fund distribution:

  • the fund is divided into seven equal parts corresponding to seven accounting categories;
  • for each accounting category, the arithmetic mean of the ratings in this category is calculated for all accounts;
  • All accounts whose score in a given category is equal to or higher than the resulting average receive a payout from that category’s fund in proportion to the score’s value.


  • payments do not go to the balance of players who have broken buildings from a certain list: real estate, wonder of the world, megalithic building, settlement, principality;
  • however, a broken pigsty, cowshed, chicken coop, dragon playground, and crypto art museum will not deprive the account owner of payments from the active players fund.

This fund encourages players to develop and achieve excellence in various aspects of the game, while also helping to support and motivate active community members.