Builders Guild Foundation

Builders Guild Foundation #

The Builders Guild Foundation in the game serves to support the development of new construction technologies and encourage owners of houses with drainage systems.

Every day, 1% of the accumulated treasury is sent to the builders’ guild fund.

To join the builders’ guild, the player needs to add a drainage system to his house. This is possible if the house development level is 4 or higher.

Members of the Builders Guild are paid subsidies from the fund according to the level of their houses in which the drainage system is built. This means that the higher the level of the house and the more advanced the drainage system, the more subsidy you can receive.

Owners of new drainage systems that were built no more than 1 year ago may receive additional subsidies in the form of “Government Assistance for Homeowners with a New Drainage System.” The amount of this subsidy is set by the state and can be changed depending on the policies and circumstances of the game.

The Builders Guild Foundation helps stimulate the development of construction technologies and improve the quality of housing on the lands of the clones.