Captains Fund

Captains Fund #

The Captains’ Fund was created to support qualified captains who have more than 100 units of rigging experience.

Conditions for qualifying as a captain #

To be considered a qualified captain, a clone must have more than 100 units of “rigging practice”. This characteristic allows you to determine the qualifications of the captain. The more “rigging practice”, the higher his qualifications.

Sources of fund formation #

  • 50% of gold coins spent in the production of rigging equipment in principalities and settlements. This means that a portion of the funds spent on creating rigging equipment in game locations goes to the captains fund;
  • 20% of the fee for individual training in rigging practice from Elder Menyaly (individual training). Individual training allows a clone to improve his “rigging practice” and therefore his qualifications as a captain.

Payments from the fund #

The Captains Fund allows qualified captains to receive additional benefits. The higher the “rigging practice” and qualifications, the higher the amount of additional benefits may be.

The Captains Fund helps reward highly skilled captains and encourages players to develop this characteristic in their clones.