Charity Fund

Charity Fund #

The charity fund in the game serves to help homeless people who are in distress and need support. This fund is generated from various sources of income and distributed among the vagrants visiting the shelter. Deductions to the fund occur continuously throughout the day from the following items:

  • 1% of tax collection on agricultural fields;
  • 1% of funds received from the sale of cruise ship tickets;
  • 1% of the cost of creating an estate (only from the gold coin component);
  • 1% of the cost of improving enterprises and factories in settlements (only from the component in gold coins);
  • 0.5% of the difference between the sale price of a security at auction and its face value (only in gold coins);
  • 1% of gold received from the sale of weapons in a weapons shop;
  • 1% of the cost of renaming the settlement;
  • 10% of the winning bid at the flea market;
  • 0.005 gold coins for each paid hour of study with university professors.

The charity fund is intended to help clones of the “vagrant” social status, provided that the player has only one clone on his account.

A tramp can visit a shelter and receive shelter and livelihood there in the amount of 0.01 gold coins.

The shelter can be visited once a day.

This fund serves to provide support to clones who are in difficult situations and helps them survive in clone land.