Oil Age Foundation

Oil Age Foundation #

The Oil Age Fund is formed from various sources and provides income to princes who have transitioned into the Oil Age. Let’s look at the main sources of formation of this fund:

  • 50% of the monetary portion of the cost of the purchase of oil from oil rigs by the princes;
  • 15% of income from training in the “Intent” characteristic at the university;
  • 5% from the sale of amber mines at auction.

Princes who have transitioned into the oil era of technological development are paid 10% of the technology fund daily by the state. The size of the payment depends on the technological level of the principality.

  • 25% of the oil era fund goes into the megalith era fund daily. This fund is associated with a different era in the game and is used for various purposes and payouts.

The Oil Era Fund helps princes who have transitioned into this era generate additional income based on oil production and other economic activities associated with this era.