Raised Banner Foundation

Raised Banner Foundation #

The Raised Banner fund in the game is a princely fund that is formed daily by the state and paid to the princes whose banners are raised.

The Raised Banner Fund is formed from two parts:

1 part:

  • 5% of income received from training in the military department;
  • 10% from the sale of weapons in the gunsmith’s shop.

Part 2:

  • 10% of the discount that is applied in the trade guild;
  • 10% of the discount applied at the fair.

Both parts of the Raised Banner fund are paid to the princes whose banners are raised. The distribution is made as follows:

  • the first part (1st and 2nd components) is paid in equal shares between the princes whose banners are raised;
  • the second part (3rd and 4th components) is paid to the princes in proportion to the technological level of their principalities.

The Raised Banner Foundation allows you to support the principalities and encourage their development, especially in the field of military affairs.