Treasury Fund

Treasury Fund #

The treasury fund is formed from various sources of income and serves various purposes.

Sources of fund formation:

  • 1% of tickets sold for pleasure boats;
  • 15% of gold received from the sale of weapons in a weapons shop;
  • 30% of gold received from the sale of weapons for robbers;
  • 30% from the interim fund of the princely states, if any.

At the end of each day, the treasury fund is used for the following purposes:

  • 1% goes to the Builders Guild Fund;
  • 2% goes to the real estate fund;
  • 2% goes to the state subsidy fund for settlement owners;
  • the remainder of the fund can be allocated to the title fund, provided the treasury is of sufficient value.

The Treasury Fund helps finance various projects and initiatives in the game, such as support for builders, real estate development, subsidies for settlement owners, and other activities. This is an important tool in the Golden Clone economic system.