Trade #


Understanding how the market works, analyzing the economic situation and making informed decisions are truly important skills for successfully playing in the market and in real life. Gaming trading platforms can be an excellent tool for practicing these skills, as well as introducing the principles of how markets work.

However, it is worth remembering that in real life the market can be more complex and not always predictable. Proper risk management, deep understanding of mechanisms and long-term thinking can really help achieve success. But it is also important to remember balance, diversity of investments and the fact that risks are always present.

So make your adventure in the game world of Cloneland an interesting experience that will help you develop skills and understanding that are useful in real life!

Trading platforms truly provide an excellent opportunity to develop skills in analyzing the market, understanding its dynamic changes and making informed decisions in a changing “economic climate”. These platforms are designed so that players can learn the basics of trading, investing and risk management in practice.

Trade Guild #

The Trade Guild is the central location for trading in the game. Here players can place their offers for the sale or purchase of goods, as well as participate in existing transactions. Thousands of transactions between players take place on the site every day.

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Fair #

The Fair is a place where players can buy and sell a variety of goods and ingredients. It also provides the opportunity for transactions between players.

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Auctions #

Auctions are special platforms where players can bid on offered lots and win the auction, gaining the right to purchase the selected product. Auctions create an interesting dynamic in the game’s economy, allowing players to compete for valuable resources, items, and even a clone or principality. Participating in auctions requires strategic thinking, market analysis and the ability to make informed decisions.

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State Farm #

In the game, the state farm is a special area where players have the opportunity to breed and exchange animals. This allows game participants to develop their agricultural interests by increasing the population and quality of animals.

The State Farm contributes to the development of the agricultural sector in the game, and also provides players with the opportunity to participate in the animal trade and improve their economic position.

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Weapon shop #

The Weapon Shop is an important platform where players can purchase various types of weapons for use in combat battles, as well as other combat accessories. Weapons play an important role in aspects of the game such as defense, attack and participation in military conflicts. The shop features a variety of weapons, ranging from basic weapons to complex warships.

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Tool shop #

Purchasing tools from the Tool Shop allows you to provide your clones with the tools they need to work and produce. This is an important part of the gameplay, since without the appropriate tools you will not be able to effectively work in enterprises and obtain the resources necessary to develop your clone and its property.

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Magic items #

The Magic Items section features a variety of magical items, including elixirs, that you can purchase and use to upgrade your clones and animals. These items provide additional features and bonuses that can improve your performance in the game and give you an advantage over other players.

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Warrants #

Trade orders are a tool that allows players to create orders to buy or sell goods on various marketplaces. Such orders allow market participants to effectively interact with each other and carry out transactions based on specified parameters.

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Discount #

In a gaming context, “discount” means a reduction in the selling price of an item relative to its standard or base cost. In other words, this is the amount of gold coins that will be deducted from the total selling price of the item. A discount is usually used to attract buyers or quickly sell a product, especially when there are a large number of similar products on the market and sellers need to highlight their offers.

Using a discount allows players to participate more flexibly in market processes and adapt to changing conditions of supply and demand

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Barter #

The game’s barter system allows players to exchange various resources and gems.

Bartering allows players to get the resources or stones they need, even if they don’t have the ability or desire to buy and sell on the market. However, often the resource storage for sharing is empty.

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