Auction of certificates

Auction of certificates #

At the auction of charters in the world of clones, players have the opportunity to purchase various charters and licenses that allow them to carry out construction, develop principalities and settlements, and also extract resources. At the auction of certificates you can purchase the following lots:

Land charter “Prince”. This charter is necessary to create a principality. The principality in the game represents the highest level of organization, and the prince is its head. He has a wide range of powers and capabilities to govern the principality, including tax policy, wars, infrastructure and much more.

Land charter “Urban planner”. This charter allows you to create a settlement. A settlement is a smaller organizational unit compared to a principality, and it can be part of a principality. The town planner manages the settlement, deals with its development, infrastructure and other aspects.

License for megaliths extraction. Megaliths are a resource that is used to build megalithic structures. A license for megaliths extraction gives the right to gain this resource.

Land charter “Prince” and “Urban Planner” #

The initial (nominal) cost of the letter (the bid can be made by any of the listed resources):

  • 10 stone;
  • 10 wood;
  • 1 iron;
  • 5 cereals;
  • 1 gold coin.

Auction step: 0.25 gold or any of the listed types of resources, with a nominal value of 0.2 gold coins.

This means that auction participants can bid using the listed types of resources or gold. The initial cost of a charter is 1 gold coin. Participants can place bets by increasing the cost of the letter by 0.25 gold or any of the listed resources equivalent to 0.2 gold. The winning bidder receives a corresponding certificate or license, which, after the completion of the auction, will be transferred to him within a certain time.

The certificate can be transferred to any clone on your account through the storage, but it cannot be sold at auction.

License for the extraction of megaliths #

Licenses for the extraction of megaliths are sold according to the general rules for the sale of securities.

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Income from the sale of certificates #

The difference between the sale price of a lot in gold coins and the face value of the lot in gold coins is transferred to the state budget. Cost equivalents of resources are not taken into account. The state, in turn, uses this income to replenish various gaming funds.

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