Clones Auction

Clones Auction #

At this auction, the state offers clones that have been surrendered or removed. If a player has not logged into his account for more than a year and has not filled out personal information, the account is considered inactive. In some cases it may be removed. At the same time, characters belonging to such accounts can be sold at auction. This allows other players to acquire characters that would otherwise remain unused. This mechanism not only promotes the efficient use of resources in the game world, but also provides an opportunity for other players to obtain new characters with certain characteristics, skills and statuses. Clones can be of different professions, from worker to warrior.

Clones that are put up for sale are well-fed and do not have negative stamina. Also, all structures that are in the possession of the clones being sold are fully operational.

The next attempt to repair a structure that belongs to the clones being sold will be made in accordance with the repair regulations for this building. This means that the new owner will be required to maintain the structure in good condition, as players usually do during the game.

These additional details demonstrate that the game strives to create a realistic and balanced gaming environment, where every aspect of the game world has its own rules and logic.

Trading Rules #

Participation in auctions, including the ability to bid and buy clones, is available to clones of the Artisan social status and above. This suggests that players who have reached a certain level of development in the game gain access to this functionality.

The starting price at which a clone is offered for sale at auction depends on its current status in the game. This means that the sale price may vary depending on how high of a status the clone is being auctioned off.

Table. Nominal price of clones

StatusPrice, gold

When a clone is put up for auction, its game characteristics and parameters are fixed and no longer change during the auction. This ensures that all bidders have the same understanding of the condition of the clones they are considering purchasing.

The duration of a clone’s presence at auction is 24 hours. If no bids are made within this time period, the clone will be re-listed for auction and this process will be repeated until the clone is sold.

If a bet on a clone is made in the last 5 minutes before the end of the current trading period, the trading period is automatically increased by 5 minutes. This gives other players the opportunity to make counter bids and not rush into the last minutes of the auction.

After purchasing the lot #

After completing the bidding and purchase, the clone will be transferred to the buyer’s account within 5-10 minutes. All property status of the clones, including pleasure boats, real estate, jewelry manufacturing, positions held, etc., will also be transferred to the new owner along with characteristics.

The buyer of the clone is registered under the affiliate program. His referrer will continue to receive awards and bonuses for the development of this clone

Additionally, it is important to note that if clones with legacy ambassadorial connections are sold, the connection to their ancestor will be severed. However, connections with their descendant referrals will remain, and the clone will continue to receive bonuses for increasing the status of referrals.

Income from the sale of clones #

The gold obtained from the sale of clones at auctions becomes government income. These funds are then used to fund various gaming funds.