Cryptobox auction

Cryptobox auction #

Cryptobox auction

At the in-game cryptobox auction, players have the opportunity to purchase boxes with various prizes.

Players can purchase these crypto boxes through the auction using gold coins.

Residents of the world of clones will be notified through game news about the release of all cryptoboxes for sale.

Participants #

Any resident of the game, with the exception of rogues, can participate in the cryptobox auction if their stamina is at least 0.

Conditions for participation:

  • there are no special requirements for purchasing a regular and railway cryptobox;
  • To purchase a cryptobox for city planners, you must be the owner of a functioning crypto art museum.
  • to purchase a princely cryptobox, you must be a prince with developed enterprises in the principality and a university up to level 4;
  • To purchase a krypton cryptobox, you must have the education “Engineer of Megalithic Structures”.

Types of crypto boxes #

Currently, there are the following types of cryptoboxes:

  • simple cryptobox;
  • cryptobox for city planners;
  • princely cryptobox;
  • railway cryptobox;
  • krypton cryptobox.

Contents of cryptoboxes #

The content of each type of cryptobox is regulated by the state. Before the start of sales, the administration notifies players about the contents of lots through game news

Price and bid increment #

The price of auction lots is regulated by the state and can be either in gold coins or in various types of resources at the discretion of the Commissioner of the Clone Lands. The rate increment is also regulated by the Commissioner of the Land of Colóns. You can increase your own rate without restrictions.

Trading period #

The trading period for the cryptobox auction is at least 24 hours, but not more than 48. If a player places a bid in the last minute of trading, the trading period is increased by 1 minute.

Reserve your bet #

The bid amount is reserved after the transaction and will be written off after the purchase of the lot. If the bid is outbid, the previously reserved amount will be returned.

Receiving prizes #

All prizes received are sent within an hour to the cryptocurrency wallet linked to the game. Take care of the linking in advance; the process of creating a wallet is described in the corresponding help section. The process of linking a wallet is also described in the help. The purchased cryptobox is displayed by the clone who made the purchase. The cryptobox will appear within 5-10 minutes after the end of trading in the “Your cryptoboxes” section (“Investor” → NFT → “Your cryptoboxes”). There you can open the crypto box and see the prize you received.