Fairy-tale character auction

Fairy-tale character auction #

At this auction you can purchase the right to receive an offer from a fairy-tale character.

Bets are placed on the type of resource that a specific fairy-tale character needs.

If you have already interacted with a fairy-tale character and gifted him a resource in the form of a reserve, then the bet will be debited from this reserve.

If you do not have enough resource in reserve, the rate will be deducted from the clone’s inventory or characteristics.

If you are outbid, the funds you used to bid will be returned to the reserve and not to your inventory or stats.

You can find out which artifact the fairy-tale character will offer you upon victory by clicking on its image. This information is not free. It costs a certain amount of resource. Each fairy-tale character has its own type of required resource.

Table. Correspondence of resources to the type of fairy tale character when bidding at a fairy tale auction.

Drumming HeadDrumming Head10 stone
Creaking snagCreaking snag10 wood
GhoulGhoul5 cereals
KoscheyKoschey1 iron
Baba YagaBaba Yaga10 experience

After you win the auction and receive an offer from a fairy-tale character, it becomes available on your account within 5-10 minutes after the auction ends.

Each fairy-tale character has its own unique type of elixir, which must be donated to receive the offered artifact. The type of elixir depends on the specific fairy tale character and his characteristics.

To receive an artifact from a fairy-tale character, you need to provide him with the elixir he needs.

Fairytale characters update auction offers every 15 minutes, allowing players to have regular access to new features and artifacts.