Swap meet

Swap meet #

The game’s flea market is a place where players can get rid of unwanted items and things they consider “junk”. These items can range from tools to warships. Any clone, even tramps, can pick up an item from a flea market.

The flea market operating system is as follows:

Items that players decide to discard from inventory or storage end up at the flea market after a certain time (from 1 minute to 5 hours).

The first player who wants to receive an item can click the “pick up for free” button and wait 3 hours. If other players do not show interest during this time, then the item goes to the first one.

If several players are interested in an item, they can arrange a small trade. The bets here are small - from 0.0001 gold coins.

Immediately after the first bid, the trading time is reduced to 1 hour. If a player places a bet in the last minute of trading, then the trading time is increased by another 1 minute.

The won lot is credited to the buyer’s account within 5 minutes after the end of the auction.

There can be no more than 1 item of the same type on the flea market at the same time. New items will not be listed until the number of already listed items decreases.

The amount for which the lot was purchased goes to the flea market. Part of these funds - 30% of the sale amount - is received by the owner of the discarded item, the remaining funds are distributed among various game funds.

As such, the flea market provides an opportunity for players to get rid of unwanted items and can also be a source of income for those who put items up for sale.