Discount #

A discount is a percentage of your profit that you are willing to pay to the government in order for your product to be purchased before others on the trading platform.

Discount is the amount of gold coins deducted from the proceeds from the sale of goods after taking into account all commissions. If there are several lots with the same price on the trading platform, then the product for which the seller has set a higher discount percentage will be purchased first.

An example of how a discount works #

Let’s look at an example of how the discount amount is calculated and the amount credited to the game account when selling a product at a discount.

Let’s say you put up the product “wood” in the quantity of 100 pieces at a price of 0.025 gold coins per piece. You indicated a discount of 6%.

Other players have already offered lots of wood at a price of 0.025 gold coins, but their discount is less than 6%. In this case, your lot will be purchased first of all lots at this price.

The listing fee is 0.5% and the sales fee is 5%.

Without the discount, your total revenue would be:

(100 x 0.025 x (1 - 0.05) - (100 x 0.025 x (1 - 0.005))) = 2.3625 gold coins.

With a discount rate of 5%, your final proceeds from the sale will be:

100 x 0.025 x (1 - 0.06) x (100 x 0.025 x (1 - 0.05) - (100 x 0.025 x (1 - 0.005))) = 2.2207 gold coins.

Lots with a higher discount (at a given price) will be purchased first. If another player offers a lot of wood at a price of 0.025 gold coins with a discount of, for example, 6%, then his lot will be purchased first.

In both cases, the purchase on the exchange starts from the current minimum price. That is, if there are lots of wood on the exchange at prices of 0.024 and 0.0243, then they will be purchased first, even if they do not have a discount.