Weapon shop

Weapon shop #

Weapon shop

In the weapons shop you can purchase various types of weapons for various purposes, such as participation in tournaments, military service, property protection, searching for caches or robbery.

Important! To command an artillery piece, the social status of “peasant” is required, and for a warship - “bourgeois”. These types of weapons are used in arena training and combat involving princely squads, bandit troops and cache robbers. They are not intended for use in tournaments, guarding or looting.

A clone can only carry one type of firearm and one type of bladed weapon at a time. Artillery pieces and ships are classified as firearms.

Cannonballs should be used to fire from ships and artillery pieces.

These rules govern what weapons can be used depending on the target and social status.

In addition to purchasing from a gun shop, you can find weapons at an import weapons auction.

Weapon characteristics #

Weapons have several important characteristics:

Strength #

This is the number of hits or shots a weapon can fire before it becomes ineffective and needs to be replaced with a new one. When the weapon’s durability is completely depleted, the weapon is considered ineffective and requires replacement. If you have a storage facility, you can set it up to automatically replace spent weapons after a fight, as long as there are serviceable weapons available. It is not possible to change weapons during combat.

Damage #

This characteristic determines the minimum and maximum number of health units that the enemy loses when hit by a blow or shot.

Basic protection #

This characteristic only applies to artillery and navy. It indicates how many percent of the damage caused to the clone will be taken by the weapon. This reduces the damage received by the clone.

Ammunition #

Different types of firearms have different ammo capacity, which determines the number of rounds or projectiles available in combat.

Ammo type #

Depending on the purpose (tournaments, security, robberies) different types of cartridges are required. For security, robberies and tournaments, salt cartridges are used, in other cases - live ones.

Types of weapons #

Steel arms #

In the game “Golden Clone” melee weapons are presented in various types and have their own characteristics. Each type of melee weapon has its own characteristics, and the choice depends on your strategy in the game. I also remind you that you can only carry one type of firearm and bladed weapon at a time.

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Firearms #

The game offers a variety of firearms, each of which has unique characteristics and is designed for specific purposes. The choice of weapon depends on your goal and strategy in the game. Choose a weapon that suits your goals and playstyle.

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Cannons #

Artillery is a special type of firearm in the game that has an additional stat called “base defense”. This basic protection allows the weapon to absorb (absorb) a certain portion of the damage that is inflicted on the owner of the artillery. Thus, artillery not only deals damage to the enemy, but can also increase the survivability of the owner in combat situations due to its basic protection.

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Ships #

Warships are a powerful type of weapon in the Golden Clone game. They provide players with the opportunity to participate in naval battles and have unique characteristics that allow them to fight enemy fleets and protect their interests at sea. It is important to remember that the social status of “bourgeois” or higher is required to command a warship.

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Ammunition making #

Making your own ammo can be an important aspect for players participating in battlefields and arenas. The creation of cartridges and cores allows you to be independent from the market and provide yourself with the necessary resources.

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Vest filling #

Thanks to unloading vests, you can take additional health elixirs into battle. This can be useful for increasing your chances of winning and achieving good results in tournaments.

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Fleet improvement #

In the game “Golden Clone” you can equip ships with rigging to improve their parameters. Rigging is a collection of gear and equipment that is installed on a ship to enhance its effectiveness in combat and other naval tasks.

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Weapons shop income #

By selling various weapons, the state receives income, which is then redistributed to various gaming funds.

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