Vest filling

Vest filling #

Use unloading vests and health elixirs tactically during fights to increase your chances of winning tournaments and duels. Relief vests allow your clones to take extra “health elixirs” with them into a tournament battle or duel. Health elixirs can be used during battle to restore the health of clones.

Here’s how filling life vests works:

Capacity #

Each unloading vest can hold up to 5 bottles of “health elixir”.

Filling #

Filling vests is available on the “Vest Filling” page (“Trade” → “Weapon Shop” → “Vest Filling”). You can only fill the vest after removing it from the clone.

Automatic replenishment #

You can configure the automatic replenishment of elixirs in your vest before each battle. This will work for all clones on your account. If the clone’s inventory or storage has the required amount of elixirs, the vests will automatically fill to their maximum capacity of 5 elixirs.

Strength #

The durability of the unloading vest is 100 battles and is reduced only if the vest has worked at least 1 time during the battle.

Buying and selling #

Unloading vests can be bought and sold at the fair, either empty or with elixir.

Usage #

If your clone’s health drops below 10 during combat, he can try to use the elixir from the vest. The elixir will restore 50 health units.

Table. The probability of successfully using the elixir depending on the serial number of the bottle in the vest

Serial numberProbability, %