Fleet improvement

Fleet improvement #

To improve your fleet in the Golden Clone game, you can equip warships with rigging equipment. Rigging equipment can be created in the rigging workshop of the principality or settlement.

This equipment significantly improves the combat characteristics of ships, making them more maneuverable and protected.

There are different types of warships available in the game, such as brigs, corvettes and battleships. Each of them can be improved using rigging equipment.

When upgrading a ship using rigging, its strength increases by a certain number of units, and its base defense increases as a percentage.

Table. Increase in ship parameters when upgraded

Vessel typeStrengtheningBase defense improvement (%)
BrigBrig+4 500+7
CorvetteCorvette+6 000+8
Linear shipLinear ship+9 000+10

If you are a prince or mayor, you can create rigging equipment in the rigging workshop of the principality or settlement. This requires certain resources and infrastructure.

In order to equip a ship, it must be in a clone’s bag or storage. Each ship can only be equipped once. It is impossible to remove rigging from a ship that is already equipped.

Only clones with a certain “rigging practice” skill can control a warship equipped with rigging. To do this, the clone must have at least 100 units of this skill. The skill can be acquired by studying rigging practice at the university.

Clones with the Rigging Practice skill receive daily payments from the Clone Land Captains Fund, proportional to the number of skill points. They also become teachers of this discipline at the university and can set tuition rates.

You can set rates for the cost of an hour of training on the “Rigging Practice” page (“Character” → “Education” → “Your rates” → “Rigging Practice”).

Upgrading your fleet with rigging equipment makes your ships more effective in combat.