Cannons #

For those who prefer heavier weapons, various types of guns are available at the gun shop. Each of these guns has its own price, durability, damage and amount of ammunition in battle.

Table. Cost and parameters of guns

NamePrice, goldStrengthDamageNuclear weapons in battleProtection, %Hitting targets
HowitzerHowitzer1010,00015-200105up to 4
Regimental gunRegimental gun1510,00020-200157up to 4
Unicorn (extended howitzer)Unicorn (extended howitzer)2010,00030-2001510up to 4

Important! Each shot removes 10 cannon durability. Basic protection for cannons also costs additional durability.

The choice of gun depends on your preferences and playing styles. Remember that guns have a limited durability and may require replacement after use.