Ships #

Warships can be used in a variety of game scenarios, including defending the principality from enemy fleets, participating in naval battles and pirate attacks. The size of the salary depends on the amount of health that was knocked out from the enemy. The size of the reward for one unit of health is known in advance, before the start of the battle.

Warships have different parameters, such as durability, damage, and base defense, which can significantly affect the outcome of a naval battle. As with other weapons, keeping the ship in good condition and providing it with ammunition such as cannonballs plays an important role in the ship’s effectiveness.

Table. Cost and parameters of ships

NamePrice, goldStrengthDamageNuclear weapons in battleDefense (%)Hitting targetsShots per turn
BrigBrig3015,00020-2001013up to 42
CorvetteCorvette4520,00020-2001515up to 43
Linear shipLinear ship8030,00020-2002025up to 45

It is important to remember that the use of ships requires not only their acquisition, but also the provision of cannonballs. Each shot removes 10 ship strength. Basic defense additionally consumes their durability.