Elixirs for fairy-tale characters

Elixirs for fairy-tale characters #

These elixirs can be exchanged with fairy-tale characters for a variety of artifacts that help improve the clones’ special skills.

There are five types of fairy-tale characters in the game, and each of them requires a specific elixir.

Table. Correspondence of elixirs to fairy-tale characters

Fairytale characterElixir
Drumming HeadDrumming HeadElixir of WisdomElixir of Wisdom
Baba YagaBaba YagaElixir of LifeElixir of Life
Creaking snagCreaking snagElixir of FortressElixir of Fortress
GhoulGhoulElixir of HappinessElixir of Happiness
KoscheyKoscheyElixir of UnfadingElixir of Unfading

To make each of these elixirs, a certain set of resources is required.

Table. The cost of creating elixirs for fairy-tale characters

Handful of nutsHandful of nuts114
Basket of mushroomsBasket of mushrooms11
Basket of berriesBasket of berries6
Barrel of HoneyBarrel of Honey4

However, in addition to this basic set, one more special ingredient is required for various elixirs, which is called the “overseas ingredient”. This overseas ingredient will be different for each of the elixirs and adds uniqueness to the process of creating each elixir.

Table. Necessary overseas ingredients for elixirs

Name of the ElixirOverseas ingredient
Elixir of WisdomElixir of WisdomPhilosopher’s StonePhilosopher’s Stone
Elixir of LifeElixir of LifeRoot of YouthRoot of Youth
Elixir of FortressElixir of FortressOlive branchOlive branch
Elixir of HappinessElixir of HappinessExotic spiceExotic spice
Elixir of UnfadingElixir of UnfadingFlower of LifeFlower of Life

Total nominal cost of resources used for any of the elixirs: 3,193 gold (not including the gold required for creation).