Nursery #


In the State Farm Nursery, players with Artisan status and above have the opportunity to select various animals for themselves. Taking care of virtual animals brings pleasure and monetary profit from the sale of their products. The nursery also has the opportunity to exchange your own animals for state farm coupons.

This provides players with another way to diversify their in-game activities, collect resources and generate income through virtual farming. To acquire animals, the clone’s endurance indicator must be at least zero.

Cattle #

At the beginning of the development of livestock farming in the land of clones, the inhabitants purchased adult cows and bulls from the nursery of the state farm. With the development of this industry, the state provided residents with a unique opportunity to sell their animals on their own. As a result, animals with a variety of characteristics can now be found at the cattle fair.

In case there are no animals for sale in the nursery, you can head to the “Cattle Fair” section of the state farm to purchase animals from other players.

Pigs #

In the State Farm nursery, players have the opportunity to purchase pigs and boars of a certain age and weight. They are stated to be 32 days old and weigh 75kg at time of sale.

If the nursery does not have animals for sale, you can visit the State Farm “Pig Fair” section and purchase them from other players.

Peacocks #

Peacocks on the state farm are unique birds that can lay not only ordinary eggs, but also precious ones - silver and gold. This makes their content more profitable and interesting from the point of view of the game economy.

Clones with Artisan status and above are allowed to keep peacocks. One clone can purchase an unlimited number of peacocks of different breeds.

To keep peacocks comfortably, you need to provide them with their own perches or build a poultry yard that is not limited in capacity. Peacocks will do better if they are given enough space.

In the nursery you can purchase three breeds of peacocks: ordinary, red and royal. Each breed may have different characteristics and capabilities.

When purchasing peacocks, their lifespan will vary from 330 to 360 days. This needs to be taken into account when planning and managing your animals.

If there are no peacocks in the nursery, you can go to the “Peacock Fair” to buy peacocks with a shorter lifespan from other players.

Delivery of bull calves to the state farm nursery #

Renting bulls to the state farm nursery for coupons is one way to benefit from your animals.

You can surrender a steer to a State Farm nursery in exchange for State Farm coupons as long as it is less than 60 days old. Older bulls cannot be sold.

For every 1 kg of live weight of a bull, you receive 1 state farm coupon. The more weight your steer has, the more coupons you will receive when you turn it in. The animal’s weight may vary depending on various circumstances, including care and feeding.

Surrendering bulls to the Nursery can be a profitable way to obtain coupons. You can then use these coupons for your own purposes or sell them.

When breeding and caring for cattle, it is worth considering the possibility of delivering bulls to a nursery in order to receive the maximum number of coupons.

It is necessary to control the age and weight of the bulls. This will help you make a timely decision to hand over the bulls and receive coupons.

Delivery of boars to the state farm nursery #

When your sow gives birth to a young boar or you purchase a young boar at a hog fair, you have the option of sending it to a special place on the state farm called a nursery. There, farm specialists will take care of the boar and its growth.

For every kilogram of live weight of your boar that you send to the nursery, you will receive 1 state farm coupon. If, for example, your boar weighs 20 kg, you will receive 20 coupons. It is important to remember that young boars can only be sent to the nursery until they are 30 days old. The older the boar gets, the more weight he gains, and therefore, the more coupons you will receive when you trade him in.

The weight of a boar can depend on various factors, such as the level of care for it, the quality of food and other conditions of detention.

Thus, surrendering young boars to the State Farm nursery allows you to receive coupons that can be used for various purposes in the game.

Delivery of chickens to the state farm nursery #

When you have at least 40 regular farm chickens on your chicken farm, you will have the opportunity to exchange them for government farm coupons.

For every regular chicken you trade in, State Farm Nursery will give you 3 coupons. This means that if you have, for example, 50 regular chickens, you will receive 150 coupons. It is important to know that the more poutry you have on your chicken farm, the more coupons you will receive per chicken. Thus, the number of birds affects the number of coupons.

Please note that when you exchange chickens for coupons, you also transfer the chicken farm building. If you do not yet have a chicken farm, you can find information about it in the “Help” section (“Business” → “Livestock” → “Chicken Farm” → “Help”).

You can also purchase a chicken farm from other players at the State Farm’s Poultry Market.

Delivery of dogs to the state farm kennel #

In the land of clones, guard dogs act as guards for real estate.

If a homeowner no longer needs a guard dog, it can be brought to a state farm and adopted out in exchange for state farm vouchers. To use this option, go to the “List of houses” section (“Real estate and renovation” → “List of houses”) and select the icon of the desired dog.

The number of coupons received depends on the age of the dog:

  • if the dog’s age is from 1 to 200 days, you will receive 1 coupon;
  • if the dog is already 201 days old or more, then a coupon will not be issued, but the dog will be adopted by the state farm. This way, property owners have the opportunity to exchange guard dogs for coupons that can be used in other aspects of the game.