Peacock Fair

Peacock Fair #

Peacock Fair

At the State Farm Peacock Fair, you have the opportunity to buy or sell peacocks according to certain rules.

Rules for trading at the peacock fair #

Selling and buying at the fair is available to residents of the land of clones with the status of “craftsman” and above.

In order to purchase a peacock, a clone must have either a separate roost for it or a bird yard with unlimited capacity. Both options can be purchased from the State Farm Nursery under the Peacocks tab.

The clone that acquires the peacock (as well as other clones on the account) must have a stamina rating of at least 0.

When peacocks are at the fair, they continue to consume food and produce, but grazing in the fields is not available to them.

At the moment, there are 6 breeds of peacocks in the land of clones, but only three breeds can be sold or bought at the fair: ordinary, red and royal.

Breeds: common, red and royal #

When putting a peacock up for sale, the seller is charged a commission of 0.5% of the price of the peacock.

When the peacock is actually sold, the seller is charged a commission of 4.5% of the peacock cost.

Breeds: Andreevskaya, Aleksandrovskaya, Nikolaevskaya

Please note that the Andreevskaya, Aleksandrovskaya and Nikolaevskaya breeds are not eligible for sale or purchase at the peacock fair.