Poultry Market

Poultry Market #

Poultry Market

The State Farm poultry market is actively trading in chicken farms.

Any resident of the land of clones with the social status of “peasant” or higher can purchase goods at the poultry market. The stamina level of clones (as well as all other clones on the account) must be 0 or higher.

The buyer must have his own home to which the chicken farm will become attached after the purchase. Each clone can only have one chicken farm.

A clone with the status of “peasant” can contain a chicken farm with a capacity of up to 40 birds, and clones with a status of “bourgeois” and above can contain a farm with a capacity of up to 100 birds.

At the poultry market you can either purchase an empty chicken farm or buy it together with chickens.

When listing a chicken farm at a poultry market, the seller is charged a commission of 0.5% of the listed selling price. If the seller decides to withdraw the item, the commission is not refunded.

When purchasing a lot, the seller is charged a commission of 4.5% of the sale price.

Immediately after a chicken farm is put up for sale and after each productive operation (once a day), the lot becomes temporarily unavailable for purchase for a random period of time (from 5 to 30 minutes). After this time, the lot becomes available for purchase again.

When a chicken farm is at the poultry market, all processes on it continue as usual:

  • The chickens continue to consume feed and produce eggs.
  • Production on the farm also continues.
  • The clone farm owner spends 1 stamina each day to maintain the farm.
  • The period before the need to repair a chicken farm is reduced as usual.

When the farm is sold on the market, all contents of the feeder are automatically returned to the seller clone’s inventory. When purchasing a farm, the buyer receives it with an empty feeder, so it is important to take care of providing the chickens with food immediately after the purchase.