Seed material

Seed material #

Seed material

At State Farm’s Biotechnology Department, your clones can purchase the seed they need to grow crops in their agricultural fields. Each of your clones can purchase as many bags of seeds as they want, since the seeds do not deteriorate during long-term storage.

Each bag of seeds is used to plant one plot of land. This allows you to grow a variety of crops in your fields. However, it is important to remember that seeds cannot be exchanged or sold to other players. They can only be used for sowing.

Profits received from the sale of seed material are sent to the state budget, which helps replenish various funds and resources in the game world.

Vagabond Flower Seeds #

The tramp, if he is the only clone on the account, has the opportunity to receive seeds of various flowers for free from the state farm.

During one day, a tramp can receive no more than two bags of seeds of each type of flower. He can use these flower seeds to grow his own dugout in the local area, which must first be built.

Once the flowers have grown, the tramp can dispose of them in two ways. He can sell flowers at the fair to other players, thereby earning gold. The tramp can also use flowers as a gift by attaching them to a letter sent via in-game mail.

In addition, if a tramp still has flower seeds in his inventory at the time of gaining the “artisan” status, then these seeds will be returned to the state farm so that other tramps can use them.