Producer boars

Producer boars #

Producer boars

This section provides detailed information about the process of mating pigs using leasing boars at the State Farm.

Rent of a stud boar #

One of the benefits of raising pigs on a state farm is the ability to rent a stud boar to mate your sows. To do this, it is necessary that the sow and boar reach a certain age of 31 days and a weight of 70 kg.

Your sow should be ready to mate and become pregnant. You will be able to determine this readiness when the entire column above the heart icon in the lower right corner of the pig image is completely filled with orange.

You can select a boar to mate from a list of breeding boars that are available for rent at the State Farm. When choosing a boar for mating, it is recommended to pay attention to its characteristics and rental cost.

The weight of the future offspring will depend on the weight and characteristics of the parents. The heavier the boar is at the time of mating, the greater will be the total weight of the born piglets.

Mating occurs immediately after payment of the rent. After successful mating, the sow and boar return to their barnyards.

Exhibition of the stud boar #

Only residents of the land of clones with the status of “peasant” and above can exhibit boars at the fair.

All clones on your account must have at least 0 stamina.

Your boar must be ready for mating. This will be visible by the column above the heart icon in the lower right corner of the boar image being completely filled with orange.

To enter a boar at the fair, go to the “Pigs” page (Business → Livestock → Pigs). Then select a specific boar to rent and follow the instructions for exhibiting at the fair.