Stud bulls

Stud bulls #

Stud bulls

This section provides information on how to rent and offer stud bulls for mating with cows.

Rent of a stud bull #

The sire leasing process allows you to produce offspring by mating your cows with quality bulls. However, there are certain conditions for successful mating:

  • bulls and cows can only be mated after reaching 61 days of age and weighing 320 kg. (both conditions must be met);
  • the cow must be ready for mating and pregnancy;
  • you can choose bulls for mating from those available for rent at the state farm;

When choosing a bull for mating, it is recommended to take into account its characteristics and rental cost. It is important to remember that the weight of the future offspring will depend on the weight of the parents. The heavier is the bull at the time of mating, the greater will be the weight of the calf.

Showing a sire #

To exhibit a stud bull at a fair for the purpose of renting it, the following steps and conditions must be taken into account:

  1. Any resident of the land of clones with the status of “peasant” or higher can put up a bull for rent.
  2. You can exhibit a bull at the producers’ fair provided that the stamina of all clones on your account is at least 0.
  3. The bull must be ready to mate, which will be evident by the column above the heart icon in the lower right corner of the bull’s image being completely filled with orange.
  4. You can list a bull for rent in the “Cattle” section (“Business” → “Livestock” → “Cattle”).

Rental function #

The state farm has a bull rental function. This feature allows players to effectively use each other’s resources and animals.

Bull rental:

  • if you do not have your own bulls, you can rent a bull belonging to another clone;
  • select a bull available for rent, read the rental conditions and rent set by the owner of the bull;
  • pay rent to the owner to rent the bull.

Exhibiting bulls for rent:

  • if you have bulls, you can put them up for rent for other players;
  • set a rent for the use of your bull;
  • Other players can view the bulls available for rent and, if they are interested in your offer, they can rent your bull by paying a rental fee.