Superfeed for cattle

Superfeed for cattle #


The State Farm Biotechnology Department presents a unique development in the form of the production of super feed for cattle. This superfood is available in two versions:

  • super feed for cows;
  • superfeed for bulls.

Superfeed is designed to increase milk production in cows or weight gain in bulls. This also increases your chances of winning the Farm Frenzy tournament, which is a livestock competition.

You can exchange “State Farm Coupons” and a small amount of money to get the Super Feed. To get 1 kg of super feed you will have to cpend 1 “state farm coupon” and 0.1 gold coins.

It is important to note that the monetary part of the cost of superfood goes to the state budget.

Keeping these points in mind will help you use your coupons more effectively and get the most out of your superfeed exchange to improve milk production in cows or weight gain in bulls.

Maximum amount of superfood #

You can get a certain amount of superfeed from the biotech department. This amount depends on the number of coupons you received for delivering bulls to the State Farm nursery. This number is divided by 5.

Receipt limit #

The Superfood limit applies to your entire account. This means that you cannot exceed the limit, no matter how many clones you have.

Coupon Source #

When calculating the limit for receiving super feed, only coupons you receive from delivering bulls to the state farm nursery are taken into account. Coupons received through other methods do not affect this limit.

Total limit #

The limit applies to the total quantity of superfeed for bulls and superfeed for cows. You can independently choose which type of superfood to purchase and in what ratio.