Labor activity

Labor activity #

Labor activity

The most successful people are those who do what they love.

Warren Buffett

Trading your time for your livelihood is the path of an ordinary worker with little experience. You work more, you earn more, but such an extensive path of development has its limits: there are only 24 hours in a day!

As you gain experience and knowledge, the career ladder allows you to rise from a simple worker to an enterprise manager; from the head of a small estate to the head of a huge megacity!

Combining work and moving up the career ladder will help you collect gold coins for your next investment in yourself and your development.

Choose an activity you like – or several at once!

Get started:

  • decide on your goals;
  • write them down on paper;
  • decide on deadlines;
  • focus intention on action;
  • start taking action!

Every manager was once a worker, and every emperor began as a vagabond. To achieve your goal, you need to be patient and put in effort.

Seniority #

Employment history

This section displays the clone’s employment history, job moves, and reasons for dismissals or reprimands.

State enterprises #

State enterprises

In the world of clones, there are many state-owned enterprises, employing tens of thousands of workers in various positions.

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Private enterprises #

Private enterprises

In addition to state-owned enterprises, there are also private ones, where you will work for other players in the virtual world.

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Construction work #

Construction work

If your clone meets the requirements of certain construction projects, then you can send it to work on a construction site.

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Security #


If your clone has a weapon and improves his combat characteristics, then he may well take up the task of guarding houses or settlements.

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Pig trainer #

Pig trainer

Training boars is a very promising and exciting direction in the world of clones.

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Newspaper #


Perhaps you are interested in copywriting or rewriting? Or want to try yourself as a writer? Then you just need to try to become a journalist in the world of clones!

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Mentoring #


If you are already well-versed in the world of clones and have enough knowledge about its game blocks, then you can try becoming a mentor to pass on your experience to newcomers.

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Work for vagabonds #

Work for vagabonds

Just started your life’s journey in the virtual world of clones? Even tramps can find a part-time job here.

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