Work as a builder

Work as a builder #

Construction work

Every day, in the vastness of the world of clones, many different structures are erected - architectural wonders, principalities, houses, megalithic buildings and much more. To build most of them, workers are needed - clones. The owner of the future structure can build the building using his own clones, or involve other players in the work of clones. Very often, players use the second option, as this significantly speeds up the construction of the building. When players submit a building fund and payment amount to builders, their objects become visible in the construction section, and any player can place their own clones there.

Short-term contracts #

Short-term contracts are available even to vagabonds and can take up to two hours, after which your clone will receive immediate payment. You can apply for such projects in the “House Construction” subsection.

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Long term facilities #

Clones with a status no lower than an artisan can engage in long-term construction of objects, and some of them will require bourgeois status and special education.

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