Private enterprises

Private enterprises #

Private enterprises

Welcome to the employment section for private enterprises in the land of clones! Here, clones of various social status (from artisans and above) will be able to find high-paying jobs in enterprises of settlements (from estates to megacities). You will learn how to choose a suitable workplace and what salary level to expect.

Conditions of employment and dismissal #

Private enterprises in settlements can employ clones of various social statuses, ranging from artisans and higher.

To do this, you must first settle in your own home or rent housing on the territory of the settlement where you want to employ the clone. Residence in the territory of this settlement is a prerequisite for employment.

The clone’s endurance rating must be at least zero.

To work in private enterprises, you need appropriate tools, which can be purchased in the “Tool Shop” section (“Trade” → “Tool Shop”).

Table. Work in private enterprises

CompanyRequired ToolMinimum clone statusMinimum salary/dayAmount of experience/day
SawmillPlaneCraftsman0.01 gold or 0.35 units. wood+4
MillScythePeasant0.02 gold or 0.23 units. cereals+6
QuarrySledgehammerCraftsman0.01 gold or 0.35 units. stone+4
MineKyloCraftsman0.1 gold or 0.43 units. gland+4

On the employment page, you can specify the parameters for searching vacancies: the desired position, select a specific principality and settlement on its territory, the availability and cost of places to rent, or leave these fields blank and view all available vacancies on the Land of Clones. By clicking on the job title, you can view additional information.

Combining work #

A clone can only work on one private enterprise at a time. After receiving a salary and leaving one enterprise, a clone is able to get a job at another private enterprise only the next day, after the calculation time.

Having employed at a private enterprise, a clone will not be able to combine this work with the following activities:

Work can be combined with the following activities:

Attention! When working at a private enterprise, regardless of its social status, a clone spends 0.5 units of stamina per day (in addition to the daily consumption of 1 norm). If on any day a clone does not have enough stamina to perform his duties, he will be immediately fired from the enterprise.

Please note that the clone owing the enterprise can:

  • change the salary (cannot be reduced below the minimum amount);
  • limit the number of vacancies at your discretion;
  • dismiss any employee at any time;
  • stop purchasing the resource;
  • completely prohibit the hiring of hired workers at your enterprise.

Job cuts #

If the owner of the settlement does not buy all the workers’ products, the next day jobs will be reduced by 10% of the maximum at the enterprise. Some employees may be fired.

A special case of incomplete repurchase of products arises if the employee goes on a cruise on a pleasure boat. Such an employee is temporarily absent from the workplace: does not produce products, does not expend stamina, does not receive wages or experience, but continues to be listed as an employee of the enterprise. In this case, the enterprise produces less products than the number of employed workers - accordingly, the redemption will be incomplete, which will entail the consequences described above.

First of all, workers who were “truant” (who were on a cruise) are subject to layoffs. Next, workers with a minimum amount of relevant specialized knowledge will be laid off.

Table. Special knowledge, the presence of which is taken into account when laying off employees of private enterprises

CompanySpecial knowledge
SawmillForestry skills
MillAgrarian skills
QuarryMining knowledge
MineOre Mining Knowledge

Remuneration in a private enterprise #

Working in a private enterprise, each employee produces 1 unit of a particular product per day. At the end of the working day, the owner of the enterprise can buy back the produced products (all or part) at any price, but not lower than the minimum, or he may not buy back.

If the product is purchased in full, each employee will receive 50% of the actual purchase price of 1 unit of the product. If the produced products were not purchased, the employee will receive a portion of the produced products as compensation.

Table. Minimum wage in private enterprises

CompanyMinimum wage, goldCompensation amount
Sawmill0.010.35 units wood
Mill0.020.23 units cereals
Quarry0.010.35 units stone
Mine0.10.43 units gland

The owner of the settlement has the right to buy back some of the produced products. In this case, employees will receive proportionally: part of the salary in gold coins, and part in the company’s products.

Gold coins are credited to the game account, and the resource is added to the clone’s inventory.

When looking for work in private enterprises, please note that not all settlement owners buy back products. The salary is indicated in gold coins only if the resource at the enterprise is regularly redeemed by the owner (automatically or manually). If the owner does not buy the resource, then the salary is 0. If there is a “?” in the “Expected salary” column, this means that there is no certainty about the salary level, since the company is cutting jobs, or the owner of the company has just opened jobs and has not yet received the first salary to employees.

Attention! Unlike state-owned enterprises, in private enterprises the presence and magnitude of any special knowledge does not affect the level of wages.

The procedure for calculating and paying salaries #

After the product has been produced, the owner of the enterprise has one day to buy it back. Salaries are paid upon the fact of repurchase or non-repurchase of products. In this regard, payment for the shift worked will be credited to the employee’s gaming account one day after this shift. After employment, the first salary will be accrued within 24 hours: the salary that the clone received today refers to yesterday’s working day. Don’t forget this important feature.

In this case, not a single worked shift is lost. Upon dismissal, the clone will receive his final salary the day after dismissal.