State enterprises

State enterprises #

State enterprises

The doors of state-owned enterprises will open welcomingly to a clone of any status, because some of them have work for vagabonds. The main opportunity that state-owned enterprises provide is the opportunity to gain a large amount of experience in a short time. Workers who have accumulated a decent amount of specialized knowledge can also count on receiving good bonuses in addition to a regular salary.

In state-owned enterprises, you can advance through the ranks from worker to manager.

General rules of employment #

Most state-owned enterprises have their own special conditions for employment for existing positions, but there are also general rules.

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Office work #

Office work

A position in the office is not available to everyone. Only a bourgeois or a clone of a higher status who is willing to contribute in gold coins, resources and characteristics can count on such a prestigious place.

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University #


A clone with artisan status can begin to advance through the university career ladder. To do this, he needs to accumulate a sufficient level of the “Prudence” characteristic.

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General base #

General base

Not every clone is able to cross the threshold of the General Staff. Only experienced warriors will be welcome here. These should be those who have gone through many battles, participated in training, strived to improve their combat skills and achieved high military ranks.

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War Department #

War Department

This is where future great warriors are raised. Ordinary residents who have decided to devote themselves to military affairs and are not afraid of a long and difficult path up the career ladder can safely cross the threshold of the military department.

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Shipyard #


Work at a shipyard is impossible without tools, because a ship cannot be built or repaired with bare hands. New workers are always welcome here: whether you are a craftsman or even an emperor, there is a suitable workplace for everyone.

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Port #


There is a job for everyone in the port, and sometimes even tools are not needed. For some positions, all you need is to have deft, skillful hands and be efficient. Only tramps are not very trusted here.

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Trade Guild #

Trade Guild

Clones can start a career in a trade guild, starting with the social status of bourgeois. However, the salary is influenced not by status or special knowledge, but by the presence of the authority of a merchant, which can be earned exclusively through trade, making transactions.

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Fair #


The doors of the fair are open to those who already understand something about trade, so knowledge of the trade will be needed to get a job.

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Transport company #

Transport company

Transportation is a responsible business. If your clone is already at least a craftsman and has acquired the tools necessary to work here, then he can safely count on getting a job.

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Hospital #


Whether you are a craftsman or even a count, you cannot get a job in a hospital without knowledge of medicine.

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Alchemy laboratory #

Alchemy laboratory

This company doesn’t just produce goods - it’s where magic happens! Craftsmen and peasants are not educated enough for such work. Here, even for the position of an alchemist’s student, they are accepted only with the status of a bourgeois.

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Cutting factory #

Cutting factory

Any resident of the social status of a peasant or higher, who has completed training in jewelry making, can get a job at a cutting factory.

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Jewelry workshop #

Jewelry workshop

If a peasant who has been trained in jewelry making wishes, he can easily combine work here with work at a cutting factory, or choose one of the two industries.

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flour mill #

flour mill

Having acquired a suitable tool, the peasant can safely cross the threshold of the flour mill. There are jobs for higher statuses here, but rogues are also loyally given the opportunity to gain valuable experience for future use.

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Meat factory #

Meat factory

At the meat factory, there are both temporary positions (performing one-time tasks) and permanent ones. The job is available to clones of all social statuses, even vagabonds, provided they have sufficient butcher knowledge to begin the job.

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Sawmill #


Residents of the social status of artisan and above receive experience and gold for their work. Vagrants can only be content with the opportunity to gain experience.

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Quarry #


Residents of the social status of artisan and above receive experience and gold for their work. Vagrants can only be content with the opportunity to gain experience.

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iron mine #

iron mine

Clones of all social statuses can get a job at the mine. Vagrants will receive experience as payment, and residents of the social status of an artisan and above will receive experience, a permanent salary and a bonus.

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Metallurgical shop #

Metallurgical shop

Residents of the social status of an artisan and above can work in a metallurgical workshop without any experience, but with at least minimal knowledge of steel rolling.

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Shelter #


The main goal of the shelter is to help homeless people. Employment is available to residents of the social status of peasant and above who have a paramedic education. Working here requires a certain amount of self-sacrifice. To occupy one of the positions, you need to make a contribution in gold coins, resources and characteristics.

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