Alchemy laboratory

Alchemy laboratory #

Alchemy laboratory

Clones of bourgeois and higher social status can work in an alchemical laboratory.

Conditions of employment #

To work, the clone requires a working tool: a pen (for all positions).

A clone can only hold one position in a given enterprise. Work in an alchemical laboratory can be combined with work at other state-owned enterprises (except for a meat factory).

Clones begin their careers in an alchemy laboratory as a laboratory assistant. If its characteristics meet the conditions of employment for a higher position, the clone will be transferred to it automatically.

While working at this facility, the clone consumes one point of stamina per day. In the case when a clone works simultaneously at different state-owned enterprises, the stamina consumption is summed up. A clone who does not have enough stamina to perform the duties will receive a reprimand in lieu of pay. Having received reprimands in this position for three consecutive days, he will be fired.

At any time, the clone can resign of his own free will.

Wage #

The salary of all employees of the alchemical laboratory is paid daily at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) in one part - an additional bonus.

Also, your clone will be awarded experience units daily, their number depends on the position occupied.

Detailed information for each position can be seen on the company page by hovering over the position name.

Additional bonus #

The size of the bonus depends on the amount of alchemy knowledge the clone has. The more units of this special knowledge a clone has, the higher his bonus will be. If the amount of knowledge is not enough to receive the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), then the clone will not receive a bonus that day.

Alchemy knowledge can be acquired in several ways:

  • by exchanging experience, prudence or charisma for them in the “Characteristics Exchange” section (“Character” → “Education” → “Characteristics Exchange”);
  • using magical artifacts from fairy-tale characters.

Every day the state transfers to the alchemical laboratory prize fund:

  • 25% of gold coins spent by clones on the production of elixirs in the alchemy laboratory (the cost of resources spent on production is not taken into account).

At the estimated time, the alchemical laboratory bonus fund accumulated over the previous day is paid in three parts:

  • 50% of the fund goes to all alchemist students, in proportion to the amount of alchemy knowledge of each clone;
  • 40% of the fund - to all alchemists, in proportion to the amount of alchemy knowledge of each clone;
  • 10% of the fund goes to all supreme alchemists, in proportion to the amount of alchemy knowledge of each clone.

Number of jobs and promotions #

Each position has a different number of job openings. This amount is calculated according to the following rules:

  • the number of jobs for laboratory assistant positions is not limited;
  • the number of jobs for the position of researcher is limited and equal to 20;
  • The number of jobs for the position of scientific secretary is limited and equal to 3.

The transfer of employees from position to position occurs at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, during the working day, one or more of the already occupied positions may become vacant (if the clone resigns of his own free will or is fired for other reasons). In this case, the company will display available places.

To occupy a higher position, your clone must meet the following requirements:

  • have the necessary social status (or higher);
  • have more knowledge of alchemy than the clone ranked last among the clones occupying a higher position.

If these conditions are met, at the end of the working day, your clone will be promoted to position, and the clone who previously occupied it will be demoted to a lower level.

A clone’s higher social status does not increase the chance of obtaining a higher position. It only determines the opportunity to occupy a particular position. Promotion is affected only by the level of specialized knowledge.