Office work

Office work #

Office work

This is a government agency in charge of civil records management: recording and assigning social statuses to clones; transfer of rights to clones between players; renaming clones, principalities, pleasure boats and jewelry stores; accounting for shares of state-owned enterprises.

Conditions of employment #

A clone with a social status no lower than bourgeois can get a job in the Chancellery. No tools or education are required for employment here, but he will be required to make a donation in the form of a certain amount of gold coins, resources and prudence.

A clone can only hold one position in the Chancellery, which can be combined with job at other state enterprises, except for the Meat Factory.

While working in the Office, the clone consumes one unit of stamina per day. In the case when a clone works simultaneously at different state-owned enterprises, the stamina consumption is summed up. A clone who does not have enough stamina to perform the duties will receive a reprimand in lieu of pay. Having received reprimands in this position for three consecutive days, he will be fired.

At any time, a clone can resign from the Office of his own free will. When dismissed from a position, regardless of the reason, the resources spent, gold coins and prudence are not returned.

Wage #

Salaries to all employees of the Office are paid daily at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT).

Employees of the Office do not have any fixed salary for their position. The salaries of the employees of the Chancellery consist of bonuses paid from the state fund.

If the amount of bonus due to a clone on any day is less than the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), then the clone will not receive it on that day.

Every day the state transfers to the Chancellery’s prize fund:

  • 2.5% of state income from the Clones Auction;
  • 20% state fee for changing the name of a clone;
  • 20% state duty for renaming the principality;
  • 20% state fee for renaming a pleasure boat;
  • 20% state duty for renaming jewelry production;
  • 10% state duty for renaming a settlement;
  • 3% of the state income item “Social statuses”.

Every day, the Chancellery’s bonus fund accumulated over the previous day is paid in four installments:

  • 20% of the fund - equally to all registrars;
  • 20% of the fund - equally to all collegiate assessors;
  • 30% of the fund - equally to all collegiate advisers;
  • 30% of the fund goes equally to all chancellors.

Number of jobs and promotions #

The number of jobs in the Office is fixed and does not change.

During the working day, one or more of the already occupied positions may become vacant: if the clone quits of his own free will or is fired for other reasons. In this case, the company will display vacant positions available for employment.

In order to get a higher position, your clone must meet the following requirements:

  • have the necessary social status (or higher);
  • have enough prudence, gold coins and resources;
  • resign from your previous job in the Office.

When leaving a position, spent resources, gold coins and prudence are not returned.

If your clone takes a position, he will work in it until he quits or is fired due to lack of stamina. Automatic replacement of positions in order of career advancement does not apply here.