General rules of employment

General rules of employment #

General rules of employment

Welcome to the employment section for state-owned enterprises in the land of clones. Working here is a great opportunity to gain as many experience points as possible in a short time. Workers with a lot of specialized knowledge can count on good bonuses. Another distinctive feature of state-owned enterprises is career growth: from a simple worker, a clone can grow to become a manager.

Employment and combination #

State-owned enterprises provide a huge number of jobs for your clones. Some businesses may even employ tramps.

There are different types of businesses and jobs. To be employed in certain businesses or positions, clones must meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

  • availability of working tools;
  • availability of specialized education;
  • the presence of a minimum threshold of characteristics - experience or special skills;
  • the presence of a minimum number of characteristics that will be spent upon employment.

A clone can find a job at a state enterprise in the “State Enterprises” section (“Work” → “State Enterprises”) - there is a complete list of all state enterprises and institutions where clones are hired.

Select the place of work you are interested in and click on its name - a list of positions will open. By hovering over the job title, you can find out what requirements are applied to a candidate for this job.

Some of the positions are replaceable: the worst performer can be replaced by a more qualified applicant occupying a position one step lower. Removal from some positions is impossible, but a clone can be fired for other reasons: lack of tools or stamina, failure to meet minimum characteristics.

In case of a lack of units of experience, prudence, charisma or special skills, a clone can receive them in the “Education” section by exchanging them for each other.

Please note that special skills cannot be exchanged back for experience, prudence or charisma.

Increasing the value of the Intention attribute will increase the level of almost all special skills of the clone.

Often a tool is required to work at an enterprise. To purchase it, just click on the tool icon and confirm the purchase or go to the Tool Shop in the “Trade” section. There, if you don’t want or don’t have the ability to monitor the condition of the tool, you can set up automatic purchase of the tool if its durability is exhausted.

A clone can work in several enterprises that require the same tool. In this case, the strength of this tool is consumed based on the number of enterprises in which the clone works. For example, if a clone is employed at the same time at a fair and in a transport company, his “Work Mittens” tool will lose 2 durability units daily after the checkout hour.

If there is free space at the enterprise and all the necessary characteristics of your clone meet the requirements for a candidate for the position, then the button to the right of its name will be blue.

Work at state enterprises can be combined with other occupations, in accordance with the following rules:

  • work at one state-owned enterprise can be combined with work at another state-owned enterprise, with the exception of work at the Meat Factory enterprise;
  • at one state-owned enterprise you can hold only one position: with the exception of cases when such a possibility is provided for by the rules of the enterprise;
  • work at state enterprises cannot be combined with work at private enterprises, in the construction of houses and/or in gold mines in settlements.

Almost all state-owned enterprises offer opportunities for career advancement. Most often, career advancement at a particular enterprise depends on the amount of relevant special skills, and sometimes on other characteristics, for example, prudence. The more units of such skills or other characteristics your clone has, the greater its chances of getting a higher position. Higher position means higher level of income!

Attention! When working at each state enterprise, a clone spends 1 unit of stamina per day. At some positions, stamina is consumed in greater quantities, which will be further discussed in the rules of each such enterprise.

Take care of each clone having enough stamina, or even better, of having supply in the refectory. Also keep an eye on having tools. If your clone no longer meets the mandatory requirements for a particular position, he will not receive salary and experience (and will not wear out the tool). Instead, he will receive reprimands, which are taken into account in the “Work Experience” section. A clone who receives reprimands for three consecutive days will be fired. Subsequently, having acquired a tool or restored stamina, he can find a new job.

Salary, experience and seniority #

As payment, employees can receive a salary, bonuses and experience units on a daily basis. Experience is the most important characteristic that can be exchanged for prudence, charisma or special knowledge.

Experience and other characteristics are very important for clones. Thanks to them, your clone can get a prestigious job or additional bonuses at enterprises. The better the characteristics and the higher the social status, the more gaming opportunities are open to your clone.

If a clone works at several enterprises at the same time, he receives salary, bonuses and experience from all positions held.

In the “Work Experience” section, you can see the clone’s employment history, his movements in position, as well as the reasons for dismissal or reprimand at work. Entries can be filtered by date and type. You can also generate information for a single clone or for all clones of the account .

Employee statistics #

At each state enterprise, the “Rating” tab reflects data for the past day: the total salary and bonus indicators of the employee with the highest characteristics and the employee with the minimum characteristics for each position. If your clone is employed at the enterprise, then his indicators will be reflected there, depending on his level of skills.

If you are just planning a job, then this information will allow you to approximately understand what level of income your clone can expect, because you know its characteristics.