University #


Clones can work at the university, starting with the social status of “artisan” and above. Each position requires a certain number of judgment units.

Conditions of employment #

To work, the clone requires a working tool: a pen (for all positions).

A clone can only hold one position in a given enterprise. Work at the University can be combined with work at other state-owned enterprises (except for a meat factory).

While working at the University, the clone consumes one point of stamina per day. In the case when a clone works simultaneously at different state-owned enterprises, the stamina consumption is summed up. A clone who does not have enough stamina to perform the duties will receive a reprimand in lieu of pay. If he receives reprimands for three consecutive days, he will be fired.

Clones begin their careers at the University as assistants.

A further career at the University depends solely on how reasonable the clone is. It is precisely such a characteristic as “Prudence” that is decisive for promotion. If your clone has more judgment points at checkout time than the clone in a higher position, he will move to that position. Accordingly, a clone removed from this position will move one step lower, but in no case will he be fired.

You can see the list of applicants for promotion, formed in descending order of prudence value, at the “Applicants” link under the name of each position.

At any time, a clone can resign from the University of his own free will.

Feature of employment: on the first day of work, as well as on the day of promotion, the clone does not receive a salary (no tools or stamina are consumed).

To fill positions from a professor and above, a social status of no less than “bourgeois” is required.

Obtaining a teacher’s license #

All teachers at the University (professors, deans, vice-chancellors and rector) require a teaching license to work. There are 4 types of licenses:

  • Discretion training license (issued free of charge and automatically upon employment);
  • license to teach geology (purchased upon request);
  • license to teach jewelry making (purchased upon request);
  • license to teach fist fighting (not currently issued).

Residents of the land of clones, receiving an education at the University, pay a state fee. Teachers who have one or another teaching license receive payments from appropriate funds formed by the state.

You can purchase licenses of all types (from those available), then the teacher will receive cash payments for each area of study.

Wage #

Salaries to all University employees are paid daily at scheduled time (after 00:00 GMT) and consist of a salary and an additional bonus. Teachers who have licenses to teach individual disciplines - geology and jewelry - receive an additional bonus for each subject.

Your clone will also receive experience points daily. Their number depends on the position held: assistants receive 3 experience points daily, other employees - 5 points.

Detailed information for each position can be seen by hovering over the position title.

Also, teachers (professors, deans, provosts and provost) can teach judgment and rigging practices in general classes. Payment for sold training hours is immediately transferred to the teacher’s game account, minus the state fee, which is 0.15 gold coins for each hour sold.

Additional bonus #

University employees can receive bonuses. The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of judgment the clone has. The more units of prudence, the higher his bonus will be. If the clone’s knowledge is not enough to receive the minimum payout (0.0001 gold coin), then the clone will not receive a bonus that day.

Discretion can be acquired by exchanging experience or charisma for it in the “Characteristics Exchange” section (“Character” → “Education” → “Characteristics Exchange”).

Every day the state transfers to the University Prize Fund:

  • 0.065 gold coins from the state fee collected from teachers for each hour of discretion training sold;
  • 40% of the state fee in gold coins, paid by the princes when improving the university in their principalities;
  • 10% of the cost of receiving any special education for residents of the land of clones;
  • 5% of the difference between the par value of the security and the cost of its sale at the Securities Auction (in case of sale only for gold coins).

At the estimated time, the University’s bonus fund accumulated over the previous day is paid in two parts:

  • 60% of the fund - to all teachers, in proportion to the number of units of rationality of each clone;
  • 40% of the fund goes to all assistants and senior assistants, in proportion to the number of units of rationality of each clone.

In addition, every day the state transfers to the funds of the University’s geology and jewelry teachers:

  • 30% of the cost of obtaining geologist education for residents of the land of clones;
  • 30% of the cost of obtaining jeweler education for residents of the land of clones.

Each of these funds is paid daily to all licensed teachers in proportion to the number of units of judgment.

Number of jobs and promotions #

Each position has a different number of job openings. This amount is calculated according to the following rules:

  • the number of jobs for assistant positions is not limited;
  • the number of jobs for the position of senior assistant is not limited;
  • the number of jobs for professor positions is not limited;
  • the number of jobs for the position of dean is limited and equal to 9;
  • the number of jobs for the position of vice-rector is limited and equal to 3;
  • The number of jobs for the position of rector is limited and equal to 1.

The opening of new vacancies does not occur automatically. Transfer from position to position occurs at the estimated time (after 00:00 GMT).

Also, during the working day, one or more of the already occupied positions may become vacant (if the clone resigns of his own free will or is fired for other reasons). In this case, vacancies will be displayed on the page.

Career growth occurs consistently. If the clone meets the requirements for social status and the number of prudence units, then at the end of the billing day he will be transferred to a higher position, up to the position of professor.

If your clone has taken the position of assistant, senior assistant or professor, then he will work at it until:

  • moves to a higher position;
  • is fired by you;
  • is fired due to lack of stamina or tools.

The rector, vice-rectors and deans can be removed to a lower position by a stronger applicant (having more units of prudence). This confirms the thesis that even having reached a high position, one shouiln’d stop developing.

For teachers #

To teach the discipline “Rigging Practice” it is not necessary to get a job at the University. If a clone’s rigging knowledge level is 100 or higher, then the clone’s name will automatically appear in the list of teachers for that discipline.

Teachers can set the cost of their academic hour in the range from 0.2 gold coin to 0.9999 gold coin in the “Rates” section (“Work” → “State Enterprises” → “University” → “Rates”). The default cost for an academic hour is 1 gold coin.